Friday, 17 May 2013

Kelemahan Samsung Galaxy S4 Galaxy S4 is indeed one of the most anticipated Android smartphone today. Technology lovers seem anxious to try this Samsung-made smartphone. And it is a natural thing because there are many excellent features that are owned by Galaxy S4, such as smartphones using quad-core processors.

But apparently there are some disadvantages of this new series of Galaxy S, which may be a consideration if you want to buy:

- Design Monotony

Samsung Galaxy S4 design is not so different from its predecessor, S3. It is for some people to be a problem because it creates the impression of monotonous and boring. There are some differences in design
between the S4 and S3 is located on the screen size, weight and thinness where S4 has a larger screen (5 inches), lighter and thinner.

- Material Plastic

While other smartphones with advanced features that have casing and premium materials such as casing made of HTC aluminum unibody design. However, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a casing made of plastic. This makes the S4 looks a bit "cheesy".

HTC Chief Marketing Officer, Benjamin Ho even once quipped plastic materials used by Galaxy S4: "The continuation of the plastic body and a larger screen to be the most obvious physical changes, the latest Samsung Galaxy is compared to the unibody aluminum casing with the design of the HTC One . It's totally different. "

- OS (Operating System) will soon Basi

Galaxy S4 is currently using the latest Android operating system 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. But according to news circulating, Google will release its latest operating system, namely Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie on 15 May.

This means that, shortly after the Galaxy S4 began circulating in the market, the operating system used by the smartphone will become stale or no longer up to date. Of course, this problem can be overcome if Samsung also provides the option to menguprade existing operating system on the Galaxy S4.

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